Kwara govt holds emergency security meeting over transfer of cult suspects to Abuja

cult suspects
Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed

Stephen Oladele

Kwara state government on Wednesday held an emergency security council meeting and came up with an expression of concern about the way and manner four suspected cult members were transferred from the state police command to Abuja.

There were reports on Wednesday that some of the suspects arrested by the state police command last week for murder and membership of cultist groups had been moved from the state to force headquarters in Abuja with insinuations that a plot to implicate certain prominent politicians in the state in the allegations against the suspects

A statement signed by Abdulwahab Oba, the Chief Press Secretary to the state governor, said the Director of Public Persecution (DPP),  Jimoh Adebimpe Mumin who spoke with newsmen after the emergency meeting wondered while the suspects were transferred to Abuja.

The statement said the DPP while observing that there were some notorious cases of cultism that have been successfully prosecuted in the state, explained that the offences against the suspects are state-based and triable under the state laws.

According to the statement, the DPP said he was of the belief that the four suspected cultists being transferred to Abuja, possibly for further interrogation, will be returned to the state where the offence was committed for trial.

He was quoted as saying: “we had cases of notorious and dangerous killers in the state which have been handled in the state. Our hope is that the Nigeria Police Force will return the four accused persons to the state for trial”.

The statement said the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor,  Leke Ogungbe, while also speaking stated the state security council hopes that the transfer issue is not politically motivated.

“As a government, we are made to understand that the offences for which the accused persons were arrested are state offence. We’re now surprised that four of the accused were transferred to Abuja. We hope that no political gains is intended,” he was quoted as saying.

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