Yoruba Peace Initiatives commends Aregbesola for peaceful atmosphere in Osun

Yoruba Peace

A socio-cultural group, Yoruba Peace Initiative has commended Governor Rauf Aregbesola for the relative peace and harmony reigning in the state of Osun since the advent of his administration.

The group also lauded Aregbesola for being at the forefront of propagating the Yoruba race and championing the revival of the “Omoluabi ethos” which the Yorubas all over the world are known for.

Led by its National Coordinator, Ambassador Ojo Oluwaseun, the group who paid a courtesy visit to the governor in Osogbo, on Friday, said Aregbesola has brought back the lost pride of the Yoruba race through exemplary leadership style.

Speaking through their National secretary, the Iro of Ikere Ekiti, Oba Akamuja Obawale Ekundayo, Aregbesola, the group described Aregbesola as a pride of the Yoruba nation, noting that he has brought smiles to the faces of the down trodden in the state through his various masses friendly policies.

The group said Osun is rated among the most peaceful states in the federation because of the various welfare programmes of the Aregbesola’s administration and the huge amount of money which the government has spent into fortifying the various security apparatus in the state.

It said: “Aregbesola has brought into governance a unique blend of ideology, a visionary and revolutionary template which has been exemplified by solid performance in office.

“His administration has created so many positives in Osun which are impossible to deny even for the blind or the earring impaired. Since assumption of office, it is clear that the people of Osun have enjoyed government like never before.

“The state is regarded as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria today because of certain things Aregbesola has done. Employing youths and take them of the streets through the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme is no mean feat, it has gone a long way in creating peace in the state.

“We are also aware that the governor does not joke when it comes to finances for security agencies in the state. Apart from Lagos, no other state has the number of functioning Armoured Personnel Carriers like Osun.

“The most important is that the Osun people are happy, that is why there is peace in the state and that is why there is room for the development which we are seeing in the state today.”

In his response, Aregbesola said if the “Omoluabi ethos” can be imbibed by everyone, the country will experience peace like never before and meaningful development will take place.

Aregbesola said it is through the regeneration and propagating of the Omoluabi ethos that an all round peace can be achieved, stressing that it is the absence of peace in the North-East that has made the region to experience series of killings and chaos that has plagued the area for a long time.

Speaking on the significance of the job of the Yoruba Peace Initiatives, Aregbesola said it is very important for such groups to be supported and encouraged by all governments especially in the Yoruba speaking states.

He said: “If there is group of people clamouring for peace in the society, I think such group should have all the support it can get because they are doing something Godly.

“We are happy that we have such group agitating for peace among the Yoruba nation and I am of the opinion that it should be sustained through assistance to the group from various governments in the region.

“The Yorubas can set the example for a peaceful nation, we can teach the other parts of the country the way to go, our Omoluabi culture should be revived among our youths especially. If this is done, we will have no problem at all, because an Omoluabi will not want to cause discomfort for a fellow human being.”

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