The Sketch Online is the online version Sketch and Daily Sketch Newspaper. It is published and printed by Spark Communications Limited under the Franchise of Odu’a Investment Company Limited.

Project Objectives & Outcomes

A new beginning for Sketch will focus on two major objectives:

To propagate the interest and socio-economic development of the Southwest Region on a non-partisan basis.

To ensure balanced Franchise Terms that will take care of financial* and editorial interests of Odu’a Investment Company Limited and Spark Communications Ltd.

And the Outcome….

It is expected that front loading the objectives, the positioning and strategy of the new Sketch comeback will allay any fears of overbearing tendencies by the franchisee now and in the future.

It will also lay solid foundation for the sustainability of the new titles in the fullness of time, and to the admiration of all stakeholders, especially the owner states of Oyo, Ondo, Ogun, Ekiti and Osun.

* financial not limited to monetary terms, but equally in Value In Kind.

The Sketch Brand Intent & Aspirations

Brand Values


❖ Integrity

❖ Neutrality

❖ Reliability

❖ Connectivity

❖ True Voice

Conceptual Target

“Nigerians in search of true Reportage”

Selling Idea

“The True Voice”

(we say it as it is)

Core Value

“Wait until you read The Sketch ”