I Didn’t Just Parley with ID Cabasa – 9ice

By Aduloju Daniel

The “Gongo Aso” and “Living Things” crooner, 9ice, has debunked reports that he had only deemed it for to end rift with his former producer, ID Cabasa, after both parted ways in 2011.

His assistant, TJ, told The Sketch online that the report was not only wrong, but stale, as both reconciled two years ago.

“The story is not true. Both have been together on good terms almost three years now,” he said.

Although he confirmed that a duet between the two acts, entitled “Weapon”, was recently released, he said the song was not to create the impression that the two recently sorted things out between themselves with the release, rather, it was an already agreed project by 9ice and Cabasa way back.

“The impression created by the story is that both sealed their friendship with the song. That is not correct. The project had been agreed upon way back. It only happened that it was recently done and released.

“As regards the relationship between 9ice and Cabasa, they have been in cordial relationship for years now,” he said.

It would be recalled that Cabasa and 9ice parted ways after the latter allegedly did not fulfill parts of their agreement following the production of the “Gongo Aso” album.

Subsequent albums released by 9ice were produced by others, though some songs already produced by Cabasa were included in them.

The single, “Weapon”, was released few days ago.

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